No matter what the time of year, you will always need to buy cards to give to people; birthdays, weddings, engagements, Christmas, new homes, christenings, births…the list is endless. Important dates can come creeping up on you, and you want to be prepared with a great card, no matter what the occasion.

Instead of buying generic cards that hundreds of other people will have received, why not make the cards yourself, add your own flare and add that personal touch. It is always so much nicer to receive a handmade card, it shows that the person who was kind enough to give it to you has spent time and effort to make something that is personal to both them and you.

Instead of looking at cards in shops and thinking “this would look so much nicer if…..”, “if only this bit was…..” or “I’d by this if it had _____ on it.” You can create the PERFECT card for that special person. You can add all the things that you and the recipient likes, it can be something they can cherish and it would look brilliant amongst all the other shop-bought cards.

Here at Beads and Bows we’ve got some brilliant products to help you create the perfect cards.

Why not try our buttons, of all shapes, sizes and colours. These would look great glued in cluster in the bottom corners of cards; we’ve got floral designed buttons, nautical themed buttons, we’ll have any to match any design for your card. Check out our full range of crafting goodies here…..and why not share your creative projects with us on our social media…..