With the summer coming up why not create some gorgeous handmade jewellery for your holidays, we’ve got a great range of beads in some great colours and shapes that will go great with your summery outfits. How often have you gone out shopping and not found that piece of jewellery that was “just right” to match your favourite dress, shirt or skirt? Too many. So avoid the disappointment completely and make your own jewellery, made exactly the right size to fit you with the perfect design using the perfect colours.

You could also make someone special a gift, you know their taste better than anyone else, better than a highs street store. You can make it just their size, with their favourite colours and I’m sure they’d appreciate it so much more than a bought one, they’ll love the time and effort that has gone into making it. They will wear it with pride.

We’ve got some great beads that the guys in your life would love too, we’ve not just got pretty colours and flowers; we’ve got some great wooden beads that would look great mixed together on some leather thread.

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