The American, Elias Howe stitched his name into the history books when he invented the sewing machine as we know it today. Here are some interesting facts that may come in handy one day!

Although Elias invented the sewing machine as we know it, he wasn’t the first person to invent the design. In fact, there were many variations (the earliest in 1790) before Elias came up with the lockstitch design.

Although Elias’ design was almost revolutionary, he struggled to find investors. His older brother even travelled to England where he sold his first machine for £250 in 1846.

Elias patented an ‘Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure’ which is known as the zip today! Unfortunately for him, he didn’t really try and market it and subsequently missed out on much of the recognition.

Not only was Elias inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2004, he was also the face of a 5-cent stamp in 1940.

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