You can add your own personal touch to any craft project, or any gift for a loved one.

You could line cards with some tape in the recipient’s favourite colour, or add some sparkle with some glitter. Why not make some designs in glue on the card and sprinkle over the glitter and then you’ll be left with a pretty design.

Why not add some lace to a card, this would look great for a wedding or engagement card, or maybe a new-born baby card. Maybe if you’re wanting to do parts of your wedding on a budget, you could maybe use our white lace on your invitations. This would add some traditional class to your invites, and add that personal touch. Instead of paying to have numerous consultations with designers and making numerous amendments, all running up the cost of the finished product, because they can’t achieve exactly what you have pictured in your head, you and your fiancé can make this a project for yourselves.

The satisfaction of people complimenting your invitations will be worth all the time you’ll have spent cutting and sticking. To let people know that you made your own invites, you could get a stamp made with your names on, a quicker alternative to writing on every single invite.

Why not make some fun cards for the little ones in your family, or friends’ children. Add fun little embellishments like googley eyes; you can maybe draw or stick on a picture of their favourite animal or cartoon character and stick on the googley eyes, they’ll love it. You could add little felt balls as well, 3D cards look great, especially those that have great textures, they’re great fun to make and the little ones will really appreciate them.

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